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Digital Marketing: The New Wave Comes of Age!

Marketing Evolves

Status Quo Vs What Consumers Actually Want

As the ROI from traditional ATL marketing weans, digital is just warming up. Digital marketing isn’t the future anymore, it’s already here.

Many marketers think of digital marketing as a sort of corollary to their mainstream marketing efforts. There might be a ‘social media manager’ and a couple of other chaps heading the digital marketing effort, and that’s it.

However, it’s not just this approach that’s rapidly becoming obsolete, but the very concept of mainstream marketing itself!

While newspapers, broadcast TV, and the like, do exist, their power is not what it used to be, even a few years back. This holds particularly true in terms of marketing influence.

An advert on a TV or radio network can cost a ton of money without giving any returns.

Digital Marketing: The New Wave Comes of Age!
What Do Consumers Actually ?
Digital Marketing: The New Wave Comes of Age!

Trust: The Key to Effective Product Marketing

Just look at it from the consumer perspective. If you want to buy a product, who would you trust? The fast-talking model on TV? Or an honest review of your fellow peers on social media?

Everyone knows that adverts are all about paid actors and models reading from a script. At the very most, you might be able to generate some brand recognition mileage, but that’s it.

For potential customers to actually enter the marketing funnel, they would have to trust the product.

Enter Digital Marketing!

Not only is it extraordinarily inexpensive – it generates the best bang for the proverbial buck. Make a great product and start marketing it on various SM platforms. In time, communities will spring up around your product with minimal effort from your end. They will read, write and share reviews and influence buyer decisions, on their own.

The more active you are on digital media, the higher would be their comfort level and trust for your brand. Your target audience will see that you are really serious about your product and brand and interact with you.

The Best Part!

All interactions are visible to everyone so they will see how you respond to complaints and other issues and mold their opinion accordingly. You just have to keep them engaged. That’s it.

You may use SE optimized blogs, tweets and just about anything, that adds value to their lives.

This way, your own customers will become your greatest brand ambassadors. All you have to do is to give them a product and service that not just satisfies, but actually delights them.

Whenever you accomplish that goal, they will be more than eager to share their experience. In time, you will be able to concentrate your entire marketing strategy on digital media.

Digital Marketing: The New Wave Comes of Age!

You can use the tremendous savings from ATL marketing activities into creating that ultimate customer experience. One that would have them giving you rave reviews on every forum.

Once that happens – the world will be your oyster and your product will be its pearl!

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