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Quiet Midnight Musings

Mindfulness, or mindlessness?

A Few Moments of Clarity in Eerie, Quiet Silence

Some thoughts and musings from the quiet, wee hours of the night.

Being up this late has its perks and its cons. While it’s super quiet and peaceful, it often gets a bit too quiet. Eerie, with a side of music.

Ps. I’m listening to this right now.

One of the things that most creatives have in common is that we often have these somber moments of sobriety and impatient patience at these late hours of the night. This is in spite of the deadlines, the pile of work we’re looking at. We still somehow choose to stop and take a moment to reflect on days past, memories that cast a gray, overcast tinge on everything.

Confusing Colors?

Speaking of gray, whoever came up with the idea to connect the shades of gray and black with sobriety? Why are black so “somber”, and gray so “dull” when these two colors give us the perfect foundation, the perfect partner for a nice bright yellow or sunrise orange? They pair so well with neon greens and bright reds as well. How could a color that accentuates every other color be considered “dull”?

Ah well.

Are black and gray colors?

This brings me back to the pile of work here that I need to do; a content strategy that needs to be finalized, and a ton of content that has to be given the go ahead to get going. Yet I somehow figured this would be a great time to write the first post for Fundamentally Content’s blog, and my personal little space here. This reminds me of my old journal and even more memories!

The silence really is deafening at this time, isn’t it?

That is the price one pays for unbridled creativity! No rest for the weary. Time to get back to the grind!

Midnight Musings - A cup of coffee on an eerie quiet night.

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