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Featured Snippets Galore for Diets2Go

Diets2Go - A Content Story

Fueling the meal prep service, Diets2Go’s Rise, Catapulting Them to the Top of Google’s SERPS, Even Snagging Coveted Featured Snippet Spots.

The Challenge

Diets2Go, a provider of healthy meal prep and food delivery services in the UK, faced a significant challenge: their organic search traffic was underperforming. Despite having a unique selling proposition of a completely Halal menu, they struggled to attract new customers organically and relied heavily on paid advertising to drive traffic and sales.

London, UK
4 Months

The Solution

Our team devised a tailored SEO content strategy to address Diets2Go’s challenges. This included comprehensive keyword research to identify high-value search terms related to healthy eating, meal prep, and Halal food for mainland UK. We then crafted targeted and localized blog posts to align with these keywords, ensuring each piece was engaging, informative, and SEO-friendly. This helped us secure higher ranks in SERPs, and also make it to the Featured Snippets on Google for some of our blog posts.

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Health-conscious families and individuals, working professionals with busy lifestyles and routines seeking convenient meal prep services in the UK.

The Target Audience

A friendly and informative tone that balances expert advice with approachable, localized language, making complex nutritional information easy to understand.

The Language

Engaging, informative, and search optimized, with a focus on localization and readability to keep readers hooked.

The Style

Delivering results for Diets2Go with top-ranking SEO content:

At Fundamentally Content, we understand the importance of a robust SEO strategy. For Diets2Go, we embarked on an in-depth research phase to understand their industry, target audience, and competitors. This allowed us to create a content roadmap that would set Diets2Go apart in the crowded online market.

We produced a variety of blog posts, including tips on maintaining a healthy diet, the benefits of meal prep, and the nutritional advantages of Halal food. Each post was meticulously optimized with relevant keywords, compelling meta descriptions, and internal links to other valuable content on their site.

Our dedicated content team ensured every piece of content was engaging and optimized for search engines. This holistic approach paid off as Diets2Go saw a significant increase in organic traffic within three months. Notably, several of our blog posts were featured in Google’s coveted snippets, driving even more visibility and credibility to Diets2Go’s online presence.

At Fundamentally Content, we pride ourselves on delivering creative solutions that drive tangible results. Let us help you elevate your content and achieve your business goals!

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