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Charting New Horizons

The Marco Shipping Branding Story

Transforming a 30-year legacy into a vibrant saga of logistics excellence and trust through branding.

The Challenge

Setting sail on their new branding journey, Marco Shipping wanted to look more modern and innovative, while still showcasing their core expertise. Our mission? To weave over 30 years of legacy into a contemporary, shipping powerhouse.

With a dash of their efficiency, a sprinkle of innovation, and a truckload of trust, we crafted a brand image that sails beyond horizons. We didn’t just create a brand; we crafted a legacy that stands out in the global shipping sea.

Marco Shipping
Manchester, UK
2 Months

The Solution

First, we embarked on a visual voyage, designing a sleek and innovative logo that fused the essence of cargo ships and containers. Ocean Depths and Fiery Passion colors painted the brand’s energy and stability.

Next, we curated a color palette that echoed professionalism and zest. Neutrals like Pure Snow and Midnight Magic set the stage, while Ocean Depths, Fiery Passion, and Golden Radiance played the lead roles.

Then, the typography stepped up – Inter font, a modern powerhouse. Bold for headings, Regular for body, crafting a no-nonsense narrative that mirrored their approach in business.

In short, we transformed Marco Shipping’s legacy into a dynamic visual symphony that not only spoke of efficiency, innovation, and trust, but also painted a vibrant story on the canvas of global logistics.

Marco Shipping Logo - Branding Portfolio - 550x550px

Cargo ship meets container in a dynamic, innovative emblem of logistics.

The Logo

Experienced yet approachable, exuding trust and modern shipping prowess.

The Persona

A refined, maritime aesthetic with sleek lines, vibrant hues, and professional resonance.

The Visual Style

The Brand Experience: A Sunrise On The Seas

Marco Shipping’s brand design is a powerful fusion of legacy and innovation. The logo, an emblematic marriage of cargo ship and container, symbolizes their evolution. The color palette blends professionalism with zest, resonating trust and vibrancy. Inter font forges a clear narrative – Black for headings, Regular for body, mirroring their approach. The result is a maritime visual saga that encapsulates 30 years of expertise in a modern, dynamic brand experience.

Inspiring trust and embodying efficiency, the brand persona is experienced and inviting. Neutrals like Pure Snow and Midnight Magic provide a backdrop for vibrant Ocean Depths, Fiery Passion, and Golden Radiance. A maritime aesthetic with sleek lines and resonant hues paints a maritime tapestry, embodying professionalism with a twist. Their new brand design is a voyage through legacy and innovation, crafting a narrative that sails the seas of logistics prowess.

The Voyage Behind The Color Palette

To craft Marco Shipping’s color palette, we decided to emphasize the sea-faring nature of the industry. We took inspiration from a sunrise over the high seas and added a dash of their history and experience. The resulting palette merges neutrals and vibrant hues, symbolizing trust and dynamism.

Neutrals provide stability and professionalism. “Pure Snow” signifies purity, while “Midnight Magic” exudes sophistication, forming a canvas for the brand’s vibrant identity.

“Ocean Depths,” a calming blue, represents stability. “Fiery Passion” showcases innovation, and “Golden Radiance” adds warmth and optimism, encapsulating core attributes of efficiency, innovation, and trust.

The palette paints a picture of a brand that marries legacy with modernity. These colors shine bright, navigating global logistics with distinction.

Ocean Depths
HEX: #005DAC
RGB: 0, 93, 172
CMYK: 94, 68, 1, 0
Pure Snow
HEX: #F8F8F9
RGB: 248, 248, 249
CMYK: 2, 1, 1, 0
Midnight Magic
HEX: #231F20
RGB: 35, 31, 32
CMYK: 70, 67, 64, 74
Fiery Passion
HEX: #D61D29
RGB: 214, 29, 41
CMYK: 10, 100, 96, 2
Golden Radiance
HEX: #E0A230
RGB: 224, 162, 48
CMYK: 12, 38, 96, 0

Navigating Typography: Finding Their Visual Language

Their typography merges tradition and modernity, shaping their visual voice.

Inter, a clean Sans Serif, unites professionalism and approachability. “Inter Black” lends authority, while “Inter Regular” ensures clear communication.

The typeface crafts a voice that resonates with 30 years of expertise, guiding the brand through changing tides in global logistics. This typography speaks confidently across continents, embodying their dynamic identity.

Inter Black - Typeface Sample - Fundamentally Content
Header Typeface
Inter Regular - Typeface Sample - Fundamentally Content
Body Typeface

The Impact of Holistic Visual Design

Marco Shipping’s brand strategy embarked on a journey to redefine their image and impact. Guided by a 30-year legacy, our holistic approach weaved modernity and tradition into a seamless visual voyage, capturing the heart of their logistics prowess. From color palette to typography, each element set a course for trust, innovation, and global reach.

The design’s essence is like an anchor of trust, using clean lines, dynamic typography, and balanced compositions to radiate reliability. This visual language narrates their reliability and professionalism, echoing through continents.

Complementing the visual design, the brand strategy encompassed more than meets the eye. A comprehensive brand guidelines playbook was crafted to chart a consistent course across every interaction. This compass ensures their brand’s consistency, reinforcing trust and messaging.

In this journey to re-ground their brand strategy, their visual design emerged as a lighthouse — a beacon that illuminates their path to brand recognition, trust, and credibility in the vast sea of global logistics.

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