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Revitalizing The 40s Broadway Charm

The xTasee Inc Branding Story

Jazz-inspired branding elevates xTasee Inc's event services with a touch of sophistication and glamour.

The Challenge

xTasee Inc needed a brand refresh to stand out in the highly competitive event management industry. They required a visual identity that would accurately reflect their services and attract the right target audience.

xTasee Inc
Karachi, Pakistan
6 Months

The Solution

Our branding solution for xTasee Inc was rooted in the glamour and sophistication of the 40s Jazz Age. By incorporating the essence of art deco and the vibrancy of Broadway, we created a visual identity that exuded luxury and elegance. Our design aimed to convey the excitement and energy that xTasee Inc’s event services bring to their clients’ events. The psychology behind our design was centered around creating a sense of indulgence and exclusivity.

xTasee Inc Logo - Branding Portfolio - 550x550px

Effortlessly chic, embodying sophistication and glamour.

The Logo

Exuding confidence, indulgence, and a touch of nonchalance.

The Persona

A fusion of art deco elegance and Broadway flair, radiating sophistication and glamour.

The Visual Style

Unleashing the Charm of the Jazz Age

The xTasee Inc brand design effortlessly captures the essence of the 40s Jazz Age, infusing the charm of art deco and the energy of Broadway. The logo design embodies sophistication and glamour, while the brand persona exudes confidence and luxury.

The visual style radiates sophistication and is a fusion of art deco elegance and Broadway flair.

Adding a Dose of Glamour with Color

The color palette for xTasee Inc’s rebranding was carefully curated to add a touch of glamour and sophistication. The radiant green paired with the royal, artistic magenta evoke a sense of luxury and energy, while the white adds a touch of sophistication and elegance.

The colors were chosen to accurately reflect the brand’s services and to attract the right target audience.

xTasee Green
Hex: #CADB2A
RGB: 202, 219, 42
CMYK: 25, 0, 100, 0
Vitality, Energy, Health
xTasee Purple
Hex: #91278f
RGB: 145, 39, 143
CMYK: 51, 99, 2, 0
Harmony, Balance, Cheerfulness
xTasee White
RGB: 255, 255, 255
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0
Purity, Simplicity, Perfection

Typography That Echoes the Jazz Age

The typography we chose for xTasee Inc was carefully crafted to express the energy and elegance of the brand. The typefaces, Bellerose Light and Verdana, evoke the sophistication and class of a bygone era, reminiscent of the Art Deco movement.

With its clean lines and contemporary feel, Bellerose Light adds a touch of modernity to the brand, while Verdana brings a touch of classic elegance. These two typefaces complement each other perfectly, creating a harmonious balance between the past and the present. Each typeface was chosen to reflect the brand’s persona and the psychology behind it, making the typography an essential element of the brand’s identity.

Bellerose Light - Typeface Sample - Fundamentally Content
Header Typeface
Verdana Regular - Typeface Sample - Fundamentally Content
Body Typeface

Beyond the Logo

Our branding efforts for xTasee Inc. didn’t stop at the logo. We created a comprehensive visual identity that included various marketing materials and promotional items. Our team designed brochures, business cards, event posters, and website graphics to name a few. The cohesive visual style extends the brand’s message and reinforces its image across all touchpoints.

In addition to designing the visual identity, we executed a teaser campaign and brand activation to kickstart xTasee Inc’s brand journey. The teaser campaign began with unmarked posters and banners that piqued people’s interest, and generated buzz before we revealed xTasee Inc’s branding and services.

The brand activation was the spark that lit the fire and got the company off to a flying start, helping them generate demand for their first events. Through this clever campaign, we were able to create a lasting impact and position xTasee Inc as a brand to watch.

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