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Tech Empowerment for Small Businesses

The Inventivo Branding Story

Unleashing tech access with Inventivo to elevate small businesses with cutting-edge technology.

The Challenge

Inventivo IT, a Dubai based cloud technology provider approached us with a challenge. They needed a brand that could convey their tech expertise and create a unique, memorable identity to help them stand out in an industry full of giants.

Inventivo’s vision was to empower small businesses with technology that was prohibitively expensive. The challenge was to create a brand that would resonate with these small businesses and inspire trust in the company’s capabilities. We needed to convey Inventivo’s innovation and reliability in a way that set them apart from their competitors.

Inventivo IT
Al Warsan First, Building Y01-409, Warisan Dubai, United Arab Emirates
1 Month

The Solution

In a world where bigger companies dominate the tech industry, Inventivo aimed to level the playing field by providing cutting-edge technology to small businesses. Our branding solution revolved around crafting a story that would not only set Inventivo apart but also connect emotionally with its target audience.

By understanding the needs of small business owners, we were able to develop a brand that spoke directly to their struggles and aspirations. Our design concept focused on conveying a sense of trust, innovation, and accessibility, to create a lasting impression and position Inventivo as a reliable technology partner.

Through a unique blend of psychology, strategy, and design, we crafted a brand story that would empower small business owners to embrace technology and drive their success forward.

Inventivo Logo - Branding Portfolio - 550x550px

Embodying thought leadership, strength, and progress using modern, sleek design.

The Logo

Radiating expertise, efficiency, and a passion for helping businesses succeed.

The Persona

A refined, technological aesthetic with clean lines, bold shapes, and bright, textured tones.

The Visual Style

Unifying Design for a Holistic Identity

The Inventivo logo is a diamond-shaped mark made up of 9 vertical bars of varying lengths. The central two bars are colored bright orange and represent leadership and innovation, while the rest are colored warm orange. The “i” shape in the center depicts simplistic human figures, symbolizing growth and value delivery driven by Inventivo. The diamond shape represents wealth, commodity, and growth in the business world. The overall design conveys upward motion and the value of IT and technical resources.

Our team crafted a brand design that intertwined the logo, color palette, and typography to create a seamless and impactful identity for Inventivo. By using a psychology-driven approach, we were able to create a design that accurately reflected the company’s vision and mission. The result was a brand that not only looked good, but also effectively communicated Inventivo’s values and purpose to their target audience.

Energizing the Brand With COlor

With vibrant, warm hues at its core, the color palette for Inventivo evokes energy, excitement, and innovation. The bright orange color symbolizes leadership, creativity, and progress, while the warmer orange shades represent growth, stability, and reliability. The color combination is modern, bold, and inspiring, capturing the essence of the brand’s innovative spirit.

This color palette not only reflects Inventivo’s brand personality but also creates a visual impact that sets the brand apart and makes it memorable. The warm hues, inspired by the sun and its rays, suggest optimism, positivity, and growth. The bright, bold shades are not only visually appealing but also draw the eye, creating a lasting impression.

The color story for Inventivo was crafted with a goal to create a visual identity that stands out, exudes confidence, and inspires growth.

Cheery Orange
Hex: #F79031
RGB: 247, 144, 49
CMYK: 0, 52, 91, 0
Enthusiasm, Creativity, Communication
Warm Orange
Hex: #C46D27
RGB: 196, 109, 39
CMYK: 19, 65, 100, 5
Encouragement, Stimulation, Warmth
Accent Blue
Hex: #4f96a1
RGB: 79, 150, 161
CMYK: 53, 0, 15, 32
Trust, Loyalty, Reliability
Accent Green
Hex: #556c11
RGB: 85, 108, 17
CMYK: 35, 0, 100, 60
Harmony, Prosperity, Growth
Neutral Slightly-Off White
Pantone CMYK Coated P 179-1 C
Hex: #F8F8F9
RGB: 248, 248, 249
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 2
Purity, Balance, Perfection
Neutral Grayish Black
Pantone CMYK Coated P 179-16 C
Hex: #231f20
RGB: 35, 31, 32
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 100
Security, Wisdom, Strength

The Psychology Behind Inventivo's Typefaces

The typefaces and fonts chosen for Inventivo’s brand reflect their innovative and growth-driven nature. The sans-serif font conveys a modern and forward-thinking approach.

Vision Bold exudes strength and confidence, reflecting Inventivo’s leadership in the industry. Meanwhile, Archivo Regular provides a stable, reliable foundation, emphasizing Inventivo’s dependability and consistency in delivering value to clients.

These typefaces work together to convey Inventivo’s dynamic and trustworthy brand image.

Vision Bold - Typeface Sample - Fundamentally Content
Header Typeface
Archivo Regular - Typeface Sample - Fundamentally Content
Body Typeface

The Impact of Holistic Visual Design

Inventivo’s brand strategy focuses on delivering growth and value to their clients. Their holistic visual design aligns with this strategy, delivering a cohesive and professional image to represent the company. The design elements, including the color palette and typography, work together to create a psychological impact that communicates stability, reliability, and a forward-thinking approach.

The overall design is intended to evoke feelings of trust, confidence, and expertise in Inventivo’s abilities to deliver innovative solutions. The use of clean lines, structured typography, and balanced compositions all work to create a visual aesthetic that instills a sense of stability and dependability.

In addition to the visual design, Inventivo has also implemented other deliverables as part of their brand strategy. This includes a comprehensive set of brand guidelines, which outline the proper use of their visual identity across all touchpoints. This ensures consistency and helps to reinforce their brand image and messaging.

Overall, the visual design of Inventivo’s brand is a critical component of their brand strategy, providing a strong foundation for building brand recognition, trust, and credibility.

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