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From Good to Great: Flop2Hit's SEO Transformation

Flop2Hit - A Content Story

With our expert SEO skills, Flop2Hit's digital presence skyrocketed to the top of search results, surpassing big players in the local market.

The Challenge

Flop2Hit, a knowledge hub for entrepreneurs and business owners in India, was in need of high-quality, domestic-oriented, SEO-optimized content. They sought a long-term solution for their content needs that would engage and inform their local audience.

Kolkata, India
3.5 Years

The Solution

Our team of skilled writers and editors delivered precisely what Flop2Hit needed: a steady stream of impactful content that spoke directly to their domestic audience and boosted their website’s search engine rankings. With a focus on readability, relevance, and incorporating semantic keywords, we transformed Flop2Hit’s online presence and helped them establish themselves as a leading voice in the Indian entrepreneurial scene.

Flop2Hit - Content Portfolio - 550x550px

Aspiring and established business owners seeking inspiration and practical advice for success in India.

The Target Audience

A balance of technical knowledge and simple, accessible language to effectively reach and engage the target audience.

The Language

Engaging, informative, and accessible while incorporating the latest domestic business and entrepreneurship news.

The Style

Delivering Results for a Top-Ranking SEO Strategy

At Fundamentally Content, we understand the importance of a strong SEO strategy. For this project, we worked with a client to create high-quality content that not only engaged their target audience but also ranked at the top of Google SERPs.

We started by thoroughly researching the client’s industry, target audience, and competition to learn what would set them apart. This involved creating a variety of long-form and short-form content pieces, including a comprehensive guide on starting an Uber business in India, a thought-provoking piece on the failure of the Tata Nano, and a comprehensive list of resources for freelancers and startups in India.

Our team of expert writers, editors, and strategists worked tirelessly to ensure that each piece was not only informative and engaging but also optimized for search engines. This involved using relevant keywords and phrases, and crafting content that was easy to read and flow well.

Our approach paid off as the client saw their website traffic skyrocket and their content pieces ranking number 1 on Google, beating out some of the biggest local and international digital publications out there.

At Fundamentally Content, we love delivering impactful, creative solutions that drive results for our clients. Let us help you elevate your content game and take your business to new heights!

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