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The Flavors Branding Story

Crafting a minimal, Japandi inspired brand persona for Flavors, a premier fine-dining restaurant in Islamabad, Pakistan.

The Challenge

Flavors sought a minimalist, Scandinavian inspired brand persona to position themselves as the friendliest, premiere fine-dining experience in Pakistan with an experimental continental menu using molecular gastronomy and organic ingredients.

Islamabad, Pakistan
6 Months

The Solution

Our team was tasked with creating a brand that would position Flavors as the friendliest, premiere casual fine-dining experience in Pakistan. To do this, we created a minimalist, Scandinavian inspired brand persona with a Japandi design aesthetic.

Our solution included a distinctive logomark, a warm earthy color palette, and clean contemporary typography that all work together to create a warm, inviting and approachable brand experience for their customers. From the minimalist design of their menus and cutlery, to their takeaway containers and even uniforms, every aspect of the brand has been carefully considered and executed to create a cohesive, premium dining experience.

Flavors Logo - Branding Portfolio - 550x550px

a minimalist wordmark with a split O, symbolizing organic ingredients and a gourmet experience.

The Logo

Warm, approachable, and friendly, reflecting their desire to bring joy to every meal and create memories with their customers.

The Persona

Minimalist, Japandi-Inspired with warm wood tones and textures.

The visual Style

Designing Deliciousness: The Brand Experience

The minimalist wordmark logo was crafted with precision and purpose. The split O, half cappuccino brown and half earthy green, is not only stylish but symbolic. It perfectly represents the organic ingredients and gourmet experience Flavors offers.

The brand design exudes warmth and friendliness with its minimalist, Japandi aesthetic through the use of rich, warm textures, wood, and the right colors. The earthy green and cappuccino brown color palette creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

A Colorful Approach to Fine Dining

The color palette brings Flavors’ brand to life and helps them stand out from the crowd. The warm, earthy green and light brown represent the natural, organic ingredients used in their food. The neutral gray adds stability and sophistication.

It all comes together for a calming, comforting, and inviting dining experience.

Hex: #669933
RGB: 102, 153, 51
CMYK: 66, 20, 100, 4
Relaxing, Healthy, Natural
Hex: #CC9966
RGB: 204, 153, 102
CMYK: 20, 41, 67, 1
Simple, Grounding, Comforting
Organic GRAY
Hex: #999999
RGB: 153, 153 ,153
CMYK: 43, 35, 35, 1
Stabilizing, Soothing, Calming

Typefaces That Tell a Story

The typefaces we selected for Flavors tell a story of modernity and simplicity. Existence Light is a fresh, modern font with distinct letter heights and weight, perfect for their minimalist aesthetic.

Paired with Calibri, it gives the brand a familiar and friendly feel, yet still maintains the minimalist look.

Existence Light - Typeface Sample - Fundamentally Content
Header Typeface
Calibri Light - Typeface Sample - Fundamentally Content
Body Typeface

Creating a Complete Experience

Designing Flavors’ brand wasn’t just about the logo and color palette. We created a complete dining experience through all the little details, like their menus, takeaway food containers, even uniforms and Japandi interior decor. All of it is intentionally minimal and focused on emphasizing the brand’s earthy greens, light browns, and neutral grays.

We designed everything to ensure that every visit to Flavors would be a warm and welcoming experience.

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