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Empowering the Fight Against Thalassemia

Being Social with FAiTh

How we can use social media to save lives: Our journey with FAiTh against thalassemia.

The Challenge

FAiTh, or Fight Against Thalassemia, a non-profit based in Karachi, Pakistan working to empower and support people suffering with Thalassemia, needed a way to raise awareness about the disorder and spread their message of hope to those affected by the disease.

They needed an effective way to reach a wider audience for support and expand their donor base to boost their empowerment drive and flood relief activities.

They needed a partner who could help them achieve their goals through creative and engaging social content that resonated with their target audience.

FAiTh - Fight Against Thalassemia
Karachi, Pakistan
Ongoing Since July 2022

The Solution

Fundamentally Content created a social media content strategy that highlighted FAiTh’s mission and impact, while also appealing to the emotional and empathetic side of the audience. We crafted visual stories using pictures around real people and their experiences, creating a connection between the audience and FAiTh’s cause.

Our team utilized a mix of eye-catching graphics, pictures, and compelling captions to create shareable content that had a positive impact on the audience. By doing so, we were able to create an engaged online community that actively supported FAiTh’s cause.

FAiTh - Content Portfolio - 550x550px

Compassionate people who want to make a positive change in the world.

The Target Audience

Clear and concise language with empathy and emotional appeal.

The Language

Empathetic, relatable, and engaging content with a positive impact.

The Style

Fighting Thalassemia with Fundamentally Creative Content

FAiTh (Fight Against Thalassemia) - SM Post - One Brick At A Time!

Fight Against Thalassemia (FAiTh) came to Fundamentally Content with a challenge – how to raise awareness about Thalassemia and create a strong online presence for their organization. The target audience for this project was the general public, especially those who may be affected by Thalassemia. The language needed to be simple and easy to understand, yet convey the message effectively. The writing style and tone needed to be informative, yet relatable and engaging.

Fundamentally Content collaborated with FAiTh to create a social media content strategy that focused on their core values and impact. Our team of content creators conducted extensive research and analysis of the target audience to understand their needs, emotions, and behavior patterns.

Based on the insights gained from the research, we crafted a strategy that was focused on creating an emotional connection between the audience and FAiTh’s cause. Our team utilized a mix of engaging pictures, graphics, and captions that conveyed the message in an empathetic and relatable manner. We made sure that the content highlighted FAiTh’s mission and impact on society, while also being visually appealing and shareable.

With our experience and expertise in creating creative and engaging content, Fundamentally Content is helping FAiTh make a positive impact on society, and we need your help.

Join us in the fight against Thalassemia, and make a difference in the world today!

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